Former Sen. Jeff Flake on why Republicans aren’t disavowing Trump’s “awful” words

It’s been a tumultuous week in Washington, amid fallout from President Trump’s racist attacks on four members of Congress, all women of color. On Thursday Trump held a rally in North Carolina, where his words–and the crowd’s–took the controversy to a new level. Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake joins Judy Woodruff to discuss what he calls Trump’s “awful” rhetoric and the Republican response.

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The Decline of the Christian Bookstore

Yes, they sell sanitized music and “Jesus junk.” But something important gets lost when Christian bookstores disappear.

By Ruth Graham @ Slate

I was a frequent shopper at Christian bookstores in the seventies. Just this weekend I reminisced upon a bygone Christian bookstore I used to patronize in my youth. It was like a candy store for me, back then. I bought Corrie Ten Boom‘s book there, as well as other mind-expanding epistles for my youthful mind. I eventually graduated to a more eclectic library.